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Solid Polycarbonate Technical Specifications


A unique combination of properties in our solid polycarbonate sheet provides the outstanding levels of light transmission, impact strength, resistance to mechanical stresses and exceptional long term chemical-physical stability that builders and fabricators crave.

Our solid polycarbonate sheet is perfect for safety glazing, protective screens, skylights/domes and tunnels. The superior breakage resistance of our solid polycarbonate sheet makes it an ideal choice where vandal proofing and safety are concerns.

With exceptional impact resistance and east of fabrication, it is possible to obtain an infinite range of shapes and sizes by thermoforming, cold curving, or machining. Our solid polycarbonate sheet is perfect for billboards, illuminated signs and street signs.

Our solid polycarbonate sheet meets the requirements for heat resistance, dimensional stability, shock resistance, resistance to atmospheric humidity, ease of fabrication and transparency that the electrical industry demands. It is ideal for lampshades, electrical panels and chassis fabrication.

Due to it’s resistance to breaking and cracking, our solid polycarbonate sheet is easy to cut or drill and can be simply secured with nuts and bolts. It can easily be made into machine guards, shock resistant shields and shatterproof containers.

With its ease of machining, transparency and dimensional stability, the solid polycarbonate sheet can be fabricated into windscreens, glazing, interior finish components, and electrical parts.

Our solid polycarbonate sheet can be effectively thermoformed and with its lightweight characteristics, it’s ideal for body shields and visors.

Shatterproof containers, with or without sterilization requirements, both transparent and opaque can be formed from the solid sheet. With its outstanding impact resistance, dimensional stability, and ease of fabrication, a huge range of shapes and sizes are obtainable.

Our solid polycarbonate sheet comes in a wide range of thicknesses from 0.093” to 0.500” and sheet sizes: 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’ and 6’ x 8’. Clear is the standard color, however, custom colors are available upon request. ISO Certification

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Weights
.110" (7/64") 2.8MM 0.69 CLEAR
.118" (1/8") 3.0MM 0.74 CLEAR
.177" (3/16") 4.5MM 1.11 CLEAR
.220" (1/4") 5.6MM 1.37 CLEAR

Acids Almost no change in appearance and physical properties
Alcohol Ethanol, Isopropyl and ethylic do not cause damage. Methanol alcohol causes damage to polycarbonate
Alkalis May cause decomposition, swelling or dissolution
hydro carbonates
Does not cause damage to polycarbonate
Amino May cause decomposition, swelling or dissolution
hydro carbonates
May cause decompostion, swelling or dissolution
Detergents Neutral soap solutions do not cause damage. However, light alkaline detergents must be avoided
Ether May cause decompostion, swelling or dissolution
Grease and Oils Avoid. Many additives used in these materials cause severe chemistry damage to polycarbonate
Halogen hydro carbonates At 85*C of maximum temperature does not cause damage. However, these products should be avoided as they may have aromatic hydro carbonates in their composition.