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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Fabrication

For most efficient fabrication, we recommend you use the following guideline. It is possible for the friction and heat of your cutting blade to weld your sheet back together as you cut, so keep it simple and safe with these recommendations.

We recommend using metal working tool for milling.
i = 20" to 25", s = 0" to 5"
Tool speed: 100 to 500 n/min.
Cutting speed: 0.1 to 0.5 m/turn

We recommend you use water to avoid overheating the sheet. A manual orbital type grinder may be used with a paper grit from 150 to 500.

Polish with cloth disks which should be clean and dry, and rotated at 1450 rpm. A chrome oxide abrasive paste may be used to start the polishing process.

Welding is only effective for small items. It can be achieved using hot air at 887* to 940*F. For most efficient welding, we suggest using a desiccate to dry the joint.

A wide variety of adhesives may be used to fit your needs. The operating temperature, the materials being glued and the final use of the finished piece all
need to be considered. Please check with a professional for the proper adhesive.

All thermoforming techniques may be applied utilizing the following guidelines:
Drying: 120*C
2mm=4h, 3mm=8h, 4mm=13h, 5mm=18h, 6mm=24h
Heating: 185*C
Extraction Angle 7*
Retirement: 0.5-1%

Clean the sheets at least once a month. Adjust the cleaning schedule as needed for your application. If the cleaning schedule is maintained, water should be sufficient to clean the sheet. Do not use chemical cleaners, bleach or household cleaning products. If dirt has accumulated, you may apply a mild soap and use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. For heavy cleaning use isopropyl alcohol with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to avoid soap or alcohol residue spotting. Cleaning in shaded areas, early morning or late afternoon produces the best results for drying.

We suggest a maxium 3mm thickness for shearing
1>45*, s = 0.051 to 0.03mm

TURN - 1 = 20", s = 5", Speed = 500-1000m/min

ANGLE i 20*-30* 20-30*
ANGLE s 15* 0.5*
CUT 10-15mm/min. 2-2.5mm/min.
BLADE VEL. 1800-200m/min. 450-800m/min.
PITCH 6-8mm 1.5-3mm
For thickness of 3mm we suggest a circular saw


3MM   0.03-0.07
6MM 1000-1500MM 0.03-0.07
9MM 650MM 0.02-0.07
12MM 300-600MM 0.07
18MM 300MM 0.07
Use steel, carbon or high speed tips.
l = 15*, S = 0 to 15*, i = 150* to 180*